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mount ara™ + Everyday Wellness Spread


We know you’re guilty of it, we are too… We’re talking about letting your dog finish the peanut butter at the bottom of the jar. I mean, just look how happy he is. But then we read the ingredients: sugar, salt, xylitol…ugh, we can do better. We need a peanut butter for dogs. Something healthy. Something tasty. Something that won’t leave messy goop on our counter when you try to fill up his favorite chew-toy.

What science says…

Perfect for everyday use as a healthy treat and loaded with ingredients safe for your pup and guaranteed to keep him happy and, most important, healthy.

mount ara™ + Wellness

Go ahead and get healthy

It’s finally here, mount ara + Wellness, every dog’s answers to life’s daily stresses. A dog’s daily needs vary from breed to breed and age to age. Diet and exercise is important but it isn’t always enough to keep your pup at peak health. Mount Ara + Wellness is intended to fill in the gaps that diet and exercise can’t.

Putting your dog first.

Looking to learn more about our process or about mount ara™? Read our story and about our mission.

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