Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve asked our team to help answer some of your most common questions.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can always drop us a line. We love to hear your thoughts…

Phew.  There’s a lot of things that make our products unique in today’s market.  From our production process to the ingredients we use to our partnership with top food-science programs. We make products that actually live up to all the hype.  But if I had to pick one thing that makes our line of products really stand out it would be the way pets enjoy them.

We make products that not only work but that your dog will love.  Our Superbite Toy is made to chew, our Chill-mat makes treat time last longer and our peanut butter is…well, it’s peanut butter. No more droppers or bland treats.  We make things your dog will love.

We source all our ingredients locally.  Our peanuts come from a small farm in Virginia.  Our apple sauce is from an orchard in Florida. We assemble everything in our own facility outside of Chicago, Illinois.

We abide by all Good Manufacturing Processes standards put in place by the NASC – a council dedicated to ensuring that the products your pets enjoy are effective and safe.  We third party test everything we use before it is put into production and again afterwards. And, we partner with a top food science program to verify our label claims, digestibility and most of all, efficacy.

This is a tough question, and we are always here to help. If you have a question about your pet’s specific condition reach out to us and let us know.  Our team is happy to help give you advise on what line or product is best suited for your pet.

While we consider our products safe for pets at all ages and stages of life, we encourage you to follow the label instructions on feeding them to your pet.  Dog’s respond to ingredients differently so some experimentation on dosage size is expected.  

If your dog exceeds the recommended dosage, there is little if any reason for concern.  Your dog is more likely to have a stomachache from the amount of peanut butter he has just consumed than from the CBD or melatonin present. However, if you begin to see signs of extreme lethargy, confusion, dizziness, or nausea, it is best to contact your vet immediately.

There are a few answers here. We firstly recommend trouble shooting the issue.  Dog’s may not immediately respond to some of the ingredients in mount ara’s line of products.  Especially if you are looking to help improve behavior associated with anxiety or stress, a learned response may be at play that can take time to unlearn.

Firstly, check to make sure you are giving your dog the product outside of feeding time.  A dog’s meal may interfere with his response to the ingredients.

Are you giving your dog enough of the product?  Don’t be afraid to increase dosage little by little until you see the desired result.

Avoid giving anxiety related products while anxiety is present. Anxious dogs are not inclined towards eating snacks as delicious as they may be.  And once the anxiety has occurred, it is hard to curb the behavior.

Lastly, are you attempting to tackle stress and anxiety or hyperactivity.  Both of these have different causes and symptoms.  A hyperactive dog will not respond to CBD no matter how much you give them.

If all else fails, let us know and we can help you determine a product that may be a good fit for your pet.

Keep mount ara products outside of the feeding window by 30 to 45 minutes.  Avoid using mount ara treats or oils during the stress-inducing event.  For best results, try to anticipate the stressful behavior by 30 minutes.

What do I need to know about CBD?

CBD is legal, safe, and can be effective if given at the right time and for the right reasons.  Make sure your dog is indeed suffering from anxiety or stress as CBD will have little result in affecting an overly active or hyper dog.

Full spectrum CBD from natural hemp like what is found in Mount Ara products will not have any psychoactive effects on your pet and will not get them “high.”

Many pet owners often confuse hyperactivity and stress.  CBD has no psychoactive effects and will not “calm down your dog” if your dog is being hyper.  In cases such as hyperactivity, restlessness or inability to sleep during the night, we recommend the Chill line of products.  These products have no CBD but rely on melatonin, chamomile, and valerian root to signal to your dog that it is time to rest. 

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