Did you know?

Over 70% of pet supplement-products on the market today fail to meet their label claims?
(American Veterinary Medicine Association)

Well...Mount Ara isn’t like
other wellness-pet companies.

Our Products Just Work Better

Mount Ara has partnered with a top food-science program in the US to ensure each product works as intended.

Happy meets healthy

Mount Ara focuses on more than just health. Our mission is to be sure pets ENJOY living a healthy life. Let’s face it, we brought our furry-friend home to enjoy spending time with them. Keeping them healthy shouldn’t be boring or bland. Each Mount Ara product is designed to be enjoyed by pet and owner alike. That’s why the focus has always been on engagement giving owners a chance to spend more time with their favorite friend.

Ingredients that make sense

Mount Ara started out in the kitchen back in 2018 making snacks for the family dogs. While things have come a long way since then, the same attention to ingredients that started in the kitchen can be seen today in the 10,000 sq foot bakery. Each bite and super-spread is hand made from locally sourced ingredients. Remember, Mount Ara makes every product for their pets.

That’s how you know they are good for yours.

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