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Did you know?

That Mount Ara offers full Co-packing and white labeling Services

Baked by Mount Ara is proud to offer full co-packing and white labeling services.

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Baked by Mount Ara

All-natural, freshly made small batch pet treats. That isn’t just marketing hype. It’s how Baked started. There isn’t a whole lot different from the company that started making healthy dog treats at home in the family kitchen – just a few more ovens and some extra pairs of hands. Each product that comes out of the ovens still looks, feels and smells like a home-made cookie.

With a new 15,000 square feet human-grade, cGMP certified facility housing roll-in rotating ovens, industrial mixers and clean rooms, there isn’t much Baked cant handle. Baked specializes in all-natural, human grade and ethically sourced sustainable products that are both healthy and delicious for pets.

Baked offers a wide assortment of white label or bulk options including baked treats, soft chews, ingredient panels and sourcing, co-packing and shipping services, and even label and package design support.

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