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mount ara™ Playtime Kit


Stress can strike at any time. One minute your pup is laying peacefully on the ground and the next he is pacing back and forth panting. You never know what could set off a stressful response: loud noises, friends stopping by, or even sudden changes in temperature or weather. It’s times like this that the Playtime Kit was made for. With an all-natural, BPA-free rubber bone paired perfectly with our calming CBD infused peanut butter, your dog will be distracted from the stressful event while the ingredients have time to take effect.

Each package comes with 4oz of mount ara CBD peanut butter and one fillable superbite chew toy. For best results, freeze the combo together and let your dog enjoy a cold snack.

What the science says…

CBD products have shown strong benefits in supporting calm behavior in dogs but can take time to show their effect. Chewing is a natural calming behavior for dogs. The combination of a chewing activity coupled with the benefits of a full-spectrum CBD can help minimize the effects of anxiety and stress more quickly than treats or oils.

mount ara™

Clinically proven, consciously created.

CBD has grown in popularity over the years but that doesn’t mean its always the right choice for every pet. Dogs experiencing strong reactions to stressful events often display this with panting, restlessness, or destructive behavior. Given at the right time and in the correct way, CBD products can help support a calm behavior in your dog.

CBD is not a sedative and will do very little for dogs showing signs of hyperactivity or destructive behavior related to boredom.  For calming products that work for ALL occasions, check out our CHILL line of products.

mount ara’s line of full-spectrum CBD products are made with all-natural ingredients right here in our facility in Chicago.  

We work hard to make sure our products are as effective as possible. Each of our products is free of fat or fillers, making it easy to digest. We suggest feeding mount ara’s CBD products on an empty stomach and outside of dinner time by at least 30 minutes.

Putting your dog first.

Looking to learn more about our process or about mount ara™? Read our story and about our mission.

Active Ingredients per 1 tsp (8g): Full spectrum hemp oil…45mg, (contains at least 4mg of naturally occurring CBD)


mount ara

Type of Product

CBD, Toys


Interactive Treat, Separation Anxiety, Stress


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