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There’s a whole lot more to mount ara™

We’re not just about making cool, fun, and science-based pet products. We believe we have the ability and responsibility to make a difference. That’s why every purchase you make helps support the goals of small businesses fighting for sustainability, fighting to innovate, and dreaming up new ways to make a difference.

Did You Know?

Almost 50% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years.

71% of sustainable business initiatives are started by small business owners.

That means the majority of new sustainable products and ideas never make it to market in any real way.

Together, we can change that!

Mount Ara is committed to sourcing ingredients and doing business with a network of like-minded companies that focus on sustainability. Each small business that Mount Ara partners with has been carefully chosen for their dedication not only to sustainable initiatives, but for the methods they use in making a difference. While we might be “small,” our impact is great!

When we set out to find great companies with awesome ideals, what we found were companies in need of support. That’s why when you buy a mount ara™ product, your money is going towards countless companies across our network continuing to fund their dreams of making the lives of everyone and everything on this planet just a little bit better!

We Take Pride in Our Partnerships.

Working in collaboration with local city communities, Just Roots creates sustainable, functioning grow-gardens across the city of Chicago using abandoned or derelict business plots or land grants. Each garden is sustainable, organic and helps promote education and health in the community. The organics grown are given back to shelters or go to local business to help fund further development of the program.

Free of palm oil, salt, sugar and fillers, Spread the Love makes some of the most delicious peanut butter in the United States and does it without creating any carbon footprint making this peanut butter not only delicious and safe for dogs, but an incredible benefit to our partnership. The hundreds of acres of this farm are owned by the workers and investors in the farm giving the community a chance to support sustainable produce and sustainable business.

In their quest to save the honeybee, City Bee Savers has brought a unique model to the market by incorporating beekeeping into the city’s business district. City Bee Savers rescues beehives from construction sites and relocates them to city high-rise roof tops where the bees can have a safe home and continue to make their delicious honey.

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