Chill by mount ara™ Bites (Peanut butter)


We’ve made it easy and tasty for your dog to Chill. Chill bites are the simple solution to your excitable pup. Made with real peanut butter and natural ingredients like chamomile and melatonin, Chill bites will settle even the most rambunctious of pups. Great for car rides or a much-needed good night’s rest, Chill bites are easy, simple and delicious.

Unlike CBD products that function only with dogs experiencing stressful reactions, Chill bites work to physically settle down symptoms like excitability, restlessness and agitation.

What the science says…

Melatonin has been used and approved by veterinarians for years to help pets tackle issues around sleeplessness, hyperactivity or stressful events such as car rides, unexpected guests or loud noises. Chamomile is a great addition to help ease restlessness and promote a sense of ease in your pup.

Chill by mount ara™

The perfect solution for your high-energy, rambunctious ball of fur.

Chill is for every dog with a bunch of energy.  Whether your friends stopped by unexpectedly or there’s a long car ride ahead, Chill is an all-natural way to help settle down even the most excited or anxious of dogs.

Unlike CBD products that work exclusively on anxiety or stress, Chill by mount ara works on all kinds of hyperactivity or overly excited dogs.  So, just Chill.

Chill products are made with locally sourced ingredients right here in our own facility outside of Chicago.  Remember, we make each of our products for our own dogs.  That’s how we know they are good for yours.

Putting your dog first.

Looking to learn more about our process or about mount ara™? Read our story and about our mission.

Active Ingredient: Per Bite (4g): Chamomile.. 50m, Melatonin .. 1mg


Chill by mount ara


Car Rides, Hyperactivity

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