Chill by mount ara™ Bites


Our Bites are the perfect blend of taste, health and calming support. Made with real peanut butter and reinforced with Chamomile and Melatonin, these slow baked bites offer the crunch your dog is looking for.

Whether your dog struggles with fireworks, car rides, trips to the vet or just a general stressful life, these are the perfect addition to their diet to support a calm and healthy lifestyle. Not only that, but the antioxidants and digestive support is the perfect benefit to keep your dog happy and healthy for years.

Each bag contains 30 bites

Active Ingredients: Chamomile.. 50mg, Melatonin.. 1mg 

Inactive Ingredients: Cinnamon, Coconut Oil, Garbanzo Bean Flour, MCT Oil, Molasses, Oat Bran, Oat Flour, Peanut Butter

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