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mount ara™ + Healthy Aging Spread


Let’s face it, you’ve got an old dog. That once furry menace of 4-paws full of boundless energy has become a grand-dog with achy joints and a healthy appetite for naps over treats. When walks have become hard and stairs are even harder, your dog needs some relief.

What science says…

Healthy Aging Super-spread is made with ingredients designed for older dogs experiencing age related problems like joint pain, renal degradation, confusion, or sleeplessness. Healthy Aging is made to support the life of dogs in their senior years.

mount ara™ + Wellness

Go ahead and get healthy

It’s finally here, mount ara + Wellness, every dog’s answers to life’s daily stresses. A dog’s daily needs vary from breed to breed and age to age. Diet and exercise is important but it isn’t always enough to keep your pup at peak health. Mount Ara + Wellness is intended to fill in the gaps that diet and exercise can’t.

Putting your dog first.

Looking to learn more about our process or about mount ara™? Read our story and about our mission.

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