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mount ara™ + Post Active Recovery Spread


Every dog loves peanut butter, but not all peanut butters are good for dogs.  That’s why we made a dogs-only peanut butter for every day enjoyment.  Free of harsh ingredients like salt or xylitol, our peanut butter is all natural and packed full of ingredients your dog will appreciate.

We have loaded our Everyday Wellness with some of the most necessary vitamins and ingredients dogs need to live happy, healthy and long lives.  The best part is, your dog will love the taste and you can be confident that he is eating a product made just for him.

mount ara™ + Wellness

Go ahead and get healthy

It’s finally here, mount ara + Wellness, every dog’s answers to life’s daily stresses. A dog’s daily needs vary from breed to breed and age to age. Diet and exercise is important but it isn’t always enough to keep your pup at peak health. Mount Ara + Wellness is intended to fill in the gaps that diet and exercise can’t.

Putting your dog first.

Looking to learn more about our process or about mount ara™? Read our story and about our mission.

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