How To Tell A High Quality Pet CBD

It’s been an amazing time for Hemp farmers with nearly 17,000 of them receiving state licenses this year alone to cultivate the plant. That’s a 476% increase over 2018 and brings the number of acres licensed to farm hemp to nearly 512 thousand(source). While this is good for the hemp industry, it means that there’s potential for a lot of new pet products containing CBD derived from the Hemp plant on the market. While competition is always a good thing, making CBD products without a great deal of research and knowledge is not. It pays to know what to look for in a pet CBD.

Experience Pays

While there is a lot of licensed land to produce hemp, roughly only 45% of the acres are actually planted. Of that amount, about 60% fail due to inexperience and lack of funding.  Even though farms may fail or be maintained by lesser experienced hands, the products may still end up on shelves at your local pet store. So, while the future looks promising, a lot more work needs to be done to make sure that all of the pet CBD that hits the market is high quality.

Inexperience Can Lead To Poor Quality

One of the ways a would-be pet CBD product can appear to be high-quality is by including the term ‘hemp seed oil’ on the label. While hemp seed oil has value, mainly in industrial applications, it has little, if any benefitial value and is mostly comprised of vitamin E and healthy fats. Good, high-quality pet CBD comes from the  leaves, flowers, and stalks of the hemp plant, not the seed.  Look carefully on the label for what part of the plant is in the product you are buying.

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What You Want To Know About Pet Products Containing CBD From Hemp


It’s incredibly important to know where your pet Hemp is sourced. Oversight of U.S. Hemp manufacturers helps to keep your pet safe. Therefore you definitely want to do business with a company that sources it’s pet CBD from a U.S. Hemp farms. Other sourcing options include China, Europe, and Canada. China produces roughly 50% of the CBD sold in the world, and controls can be lacking. TropiCBD is  sourced from our partner farm in Northern Colorado.

Farming Practices

The farming practices for pet Hemp needs to be solid. This is because the plant that produces this valuable commodity absorbs soil contaminants at a high rate. Hemp is a phytoremediator, meaning it can accumulate heavy metals from soil. This practice was put into heavy rotation in Russia at the Chernobyl nuclear facility in the 1990s. TropiCBD’s sourcing partner is out of Colorado and uses some of the best farming practices to ensure our 100% organic, full-spectrum, high-quality pet Hemp rich in natural CBD. 

Extraction Methods

It’s important to know how your pet’s CBD was extracted. While it might be idyllic to think  a hand-cranked press brings your pet’s CBD to life, that’s not exactly how it works. There are three (3) extraction methods for CBD: solvent, gas, and CO2. For solvent extraction methods, ethanol, also used in gasoline, is used and is the least expensive for manufacturers. Butane, made from petroleum, is what’s used in gas extraction methods. It’s a more sophisticated and costly process. Lastly is CO2, or carbon dioxide.  The process is fairly scientific as it relies on the denseness of the CO2 molecules, and is generally considered the best extraction method.

What’s In Your Pet CBD?

The last step in ensuring that the pet Hemp you are giving your dog is high-quality is an easy one. You want to see the lab results for the Hemp. This is a document that explains what is actually in the Hemp and the overall content of CBD. Not surprisingly there are some things you want to make sure are not found in your pet’s Hemp. This includes fungus and pesticides, as well as heavy metals and solvents. The last two can be a result of the plant’s ability to absorb things from the ground as well as through the extraction process. Conversely, you want to ensure that your pet’s CBD has a high potency of cannabinoids. The lab results for the Hemp will contain all of this information. Here at TropiCBD, we employ rigorous third party tests which we routinely post on our site.  If you have further questions, please Contact Us.

Now You Know How To Tell A High Quality Pet CBD

With the recent passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp, a strain of cannabis sativa, was removed from the Controlled Substance Act. This means that it is now treated as an agricultural commodity. This law change, coupled with demand, is what has many new companies entering the pet CBD market. Again, while options are always nice, it pays to know how to tell a high quality pet CBD from, well… lesser quality, or just plain bad. 

What Sets Us Apart

We know we are different. We went to great lengths to create a truly high quality pet Hemp strand rich in CBD. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Full-Spectrum Cannabinoids: for maximum benefits
  • 100% Organic: no synthetics, additives, or artificial ingredients
  • Gluten-Free Pet Products: to support healthy skin & shiny coats

If your dog needs CBD, it’s now easier than ever to find a high-quality pet CBD. 

And with TropiCBD, that’s exactly what you get!